Adult Pants

I was going to useĀ Big Boy Pants but in this day of political correctness that’s probably not allowed.

So, the election is over, we all survived to some extent. Our guy might or might not have won but now we need to all put on our adult pants and get on with it. Adults don’t whine when something doesn’t turn out like they wanted and adults don’t gloat when they win. Adults either dust themselves off or celebrate a little and then get on with the business of life. Accept victory or defeat and move on.

I recently broke my year long moratorium on Facebook to check out some family news. I made the mistake of scrolling around a bit. What a mistake. Apparently it is no longer possible to disagree with someone without hating them. They also must be stupid if they don’t hold the same views as I do. This is only my opinion but I believe that you can hate ideas but you shouldn’t hate people. And while those people might, in fact, be stupid, don’t judge them based on one idea that you don’t like.

We are a very divided country with extreme views on both sides. Somehow we need to agree to meet in the middle. We won’t get everything we want but we’ll get something. That used to be possible and adults can live with that. Let’s all put on our adult pants, work with each other, compromise with each other, and move forward. Thanks for reading a rambling post but as you’ve come to expect, #igotnuthin

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