Gotta love government

So, the other day I was filing a gambling report for an event that happened in March, 2019. Said report cannot be filed until the January following the event. Why I can’t file it in April and then they can read it in January I don’t know but apparently that is not allowed. Anyway, as I was filing I noticed a link to apply for a Charitable Gambling License which I need to do for this year’s event. Silly me, I thought that clicking the link might let me, I don’t know, actually apply for the license. It let me complete all the forms, enter all the information, and click submit. Then it just disappeared with no confirmation that it was accepted. I contacted the office in question and was told that you can’t apply online – you have to print a paper copy of the form, fill it out, and send it in for approval. Really? In 2020 I can’t apply online? But, as usual, I got nuthin…

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