The United States of America is NOT a democracy

Can we please stop referring to the US as a democracy? I know the concept of democracy is easy to understand, but in practice a pure democracy might be the least desirable form of government. Yes, we all want to have a voice and a vote but as unfair as it may sound, some votes carry more weight than others. The founding fathers set up a delicate system (although since it has survived for over two centuries perhaps it’s not so delicate) that protects the minority from the majority. Yes, the 26 states with the fewest citizens control over half of the US Senate. That’s the point. If that was not the case, the most populous two or three states would dictate everything. Want your vote to carry more weight? Move to a less populated state. Remember – a democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Those are my thoughts but, as usual, I got nuthin.

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