What do we value?

Taking the last post a little further, I keep reading about shortages of teachers, shortages of nurses, and shortages of child daycare (mainly because of a shortage of workers for daycare centers). Hmm, what could be the cause of all of that? Could it be that working conditions have gotten to the point that nobody wants to do the jobs? Could it be that we seem to be unwilling to pay adequately for jobs that we need someone to do?

We say we value nurses, teachers, and other careers that work with people (especially our children) but we seem to be unwilling to pay them a good wage. However, if you can throw a ball accurately, a long distance, very fast, or through a hoop we’ll pay you a buttload (maybe two buttloads) of money. Hell, you don’t even have to be able to do any of that if you can coach others to do it.

Follow the money, we spend it on the things we as a culture value. Makes no sense to me they I got nuthin’

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  1. The answer to the healthcare question is that we all work our asses off and don’t get paid enough. Especially because of COVID. Everyone is burnt out and so much is expected out of health care workers. It discouraging when people can work at Walmart for the same pay and even more while I’m working my ass off and have certifications but get paid less.

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