Yeah, teaching is a breeze, anyone can do it…

With the current shortage of teachers our leaders are again talking about making it easier to become licensed to teach. Let’s not look at why people don’t want to be teachers – long ┬áhours, low pay compared to other professionals, and little respect from parents, students, or the general public come to mind. I’m sure there are other reasons as well. Certainly our current state legislature has taken aim at teachers and schools as public enemy number one. Why don’t we try to do something about those issues so that qualified personnel want to enter and remain in the profession?

But, as usual, I ramble. It’s a great idea to make it easier to be a teacher, Let’s extend it to other professions. I know a little about anatomy, can I get a license to practice medicine? I’ve talked to a lawyer, even have a couple of lawyer friends, can I get a license to practice law? Let’s make is simpler – I’ve used scissors, can I get a license to cut hair? There’s a reason we issue licenses – people need to be qualified to do the job they are licensed to do.

Certainly what our kids need are more non-qualified people in their classrooms. They have enough of those as it stands. Teaching is a profession that takes years to learn. That’s my belief but as usual, I got nuthin’

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